Month: September 2016

Mulch Your Landscape

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Well, in case you didn’t know it, the matter of the fact is that your garden, your plants, and specifically your garden’s soil that everything grows upon need protecting. Mulching will be a perfect way of providing such a natural and harmless, chemicals-free kind of protection. So, first thing’s first…

Grow Your Own Food

While this one may sound just a little bit too obvious for anyone, but just think of how many edibles you are capable of growing (and subsequently consuming) if your garden’s area exceeds a standard size. Starting with such basic things as berries, vegetables, and fruits, there’s a whole world of possible…

Plant Perennials

Yeah, getting your garden full of these ever-blooming trees or plants may enhance its look tremendously! Our piece of advice on that will be to firstly pick those perennials that are best adapted to your USDA Zone; you can find Zone information on the plant tag. To save money, you can buy small perennials.

Mow with an Electric or Manual Mower

Well, in case you’re missing the point of why exactly we’re pointing those two most common lawn-mowing options out to you all, this most likely means that you’ve never used a gas-powered mower. This also might mean, that you might not be aware of just how pollutive the gas-powered mowing can be for the environment!