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Plant Natives

As obvious, as it may sound, planting those plants that are native to your particular USDA region or those that are most capable of adapting to your climate conditions is a smart thing to do. Meaning that though hand-picking those plants may be a little bit more time-consuming than you’re used to, the…

Restrict an aggressive plant

While most of the plants will co-exist peacefully in your garden, there are just some specific types of plants that are known for their quick expansionist habit. The gooseneck loosestrife can be a perfect example of such an aggressor. But restricting it may take a bit more of an effort than you’ve initially anticipated.

Protect your bulbs

So, if you’re planting fllowers in your garden, there’s an additional thing or two that you might want to know about protecting the bulbs. This can ring especially true bell when we’re talking about either insects, birds or rodents who are known for partying in your garden, eating thise flower bulbs up…